Helping this client find their missing element…


Zest Physiotherapy, a beacon of vitality and well-being, embarked on a transformative journey to infuse a fresh burst of energy into their brand. We shaped the concept to help clients rediscover the missing element of zest in their lives, we undertook a dazzling rebranding expedition.

Introducing our very own element based on the iconic periodic table, we meticulously crafted an identity to encapsulate the essence of vibrant living—a concoction of excitement, anticipation, and boundless energy. We devised our unique healthcare lexicon, where each letter represents a health condition or problem related to their services. This not only revitalised their brand identity but also became a dynamic tool for creating engaging and informative content across social media platforms.

As the new identity unfolded across our communication channels, clients embraced the revitalised spirit, finding inspiration to live their lives with newfound vigor. The ripple effect was palpable, culminating in a surge of enthusiasm and an uplift in engagement—an achievement any wellness enthusiast would celebrate with zest!

“Collaborating with Jonathan has been an absolute delight throughout the entire rebranding process. His keen insight, creativity, and unwavering commitment to our vision have elevated our project to new heights. Jonathan’s ability to grasp the essence of Zest Physiotherapy and translate it into a dynamic and engaging brand identity is truly commendable. His attention to detail and passion for the work were evident in every interaction, making the journey not only productive but also enjoyable. Jonathan’s collaborative spirit and innovative approach have left a lasting impression, and we are beyond thrilled with the results. Zest Physiotherapy has undergone a remarkable transformation under Jonathan’s guidance, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with someone who not only understands our mission but brings it to life with unparalleled creativity.”

Pauline Virgo, Business Owner

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