Rerooted’s Organic Revolution


Rerooted Organic Plant Milks sprouted from a simple yet powerful idea: “Organic, dairy-free drinks shouldn’t mean more waste.” In response, we cultivated a brand that seamlessly wove together the company’s commitment to green practices, zero waste credentials, and a fervour for crafting delectable drinks from the finest organic ingredients. Our design journey birthed a distinctive logo, a visual embodiment of Rerooted’s eco-conscious ethos. The challenge of standing out on shelves was met with innovation — we pioneered our own bottle collars, marrying minimal waste with maximum shelf appeal. Crafted for efficiency in the bottling process, these collars encapsulated Rerooted’s essence in every glance.

As Rerooted’s roots delved deeper into the market, their local delivery service gained momentum. Recognising the limitations of off-the-shelf solutions, we tailored a bespoke ‘milk-crate’ system. A seamless rolling subscription model emerged, adapting effortlessly to customers’ dynamic lifestyles — whether accommodating guests, embracing a holiday hiatus, or simply craving a change. The result? A runaway success, where orders practically take care of themselves. We take immense pride in nurturing Rerooted into a household name, contributing to a brand that not only stands for exceptional organic plant milks but also champions sustainability with each delightful sip.

“Fantastic service. We’ve been using Jonathan for almost 5 years and we’ve never been disappointed with his work. From general branding to more specific website design Ive felt confident in his eye for detail. Whether it’s a big project that needs alot of headspace or a tiny amendment he’s happy to take it on. Can’t rate Epic design highly enough.”

Richard Eckersley, ReRooted Founder

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