Crafting a global identity for Grobag, beyond imitation


In the cradle of the baby sleep industry, the Grobag brand has not only woven itself into the fabric of bedtime routines but has evolved from a cottage industry to a true market leader. As the success of Grobag sparked a flurry of imitators, including supermarket brands, it became clear that it was time for a metamorphosis. The challenge at hand: to not only reaffirm their status but to do so on a global scale. We embarked on a journey to create an identity that pays homage to Grobag’s rich past, leveraging its hard-earned brand equity, and preserving the warmth that defines the brand.

Our mission extended beyond identity – the packaging, a vital touchpoint, needed to transcend the imitators. We aimed to reintroduce the ‘original Grobag’ as a standout star on the shelves, ensuring customers could effortlessly view the product while ensuring durability for international travel from the far east. The diverse product range, spanning textiles to electronics, added an extra layer of complexity, demanding a cohesive visual language that spoke to the breadth of Grobag’s offerings. Our commitment was not just to design but to craft an identity and packaging range that not only reflects Grobag’s storied legacy but propels it confidently into a global future.

It is critical for a designer to listen to the client and then adapt their creative output to match the character and style of the brand, rather than churn out a ‘house’ style. Jonathan has always been on our wavelength and each execution of our design briefs are spot on, first time. It doesn’t seem to matter what you ask him to do, corporate identity, packaging, publishing or web site design, he always comes up trumps. Quite simply, he is a genius.

Rob Holmes, Founder and Managing Director

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