This will seem obvious to most of you, but many businesses/people still don’t have a web presence and are in real danger of missing the boat!

There are many reasons for buying a domain name, regardless of whether you are an individual or a business, and purchasing one can benefit you in many ways.

Perhaps you just want a bit of space on the web and its just for fun, so have a fun domain name, one that’s memorable. For businesses your domain name can become a crucial part of your corporate identity, when customers visit your web site, your domain name can match your trading name.

Some of the search engines rank sites with keywords in the domain names higher than those without. So registering a targeted domain name could put your web site closer to the top of a search engine’s listing and increase traffic to your site.

Also there can only be one of each domain name, so you’d best register your domain name before someone else does. This could save your business money and time in the future. Even if you have no intention of developing a web site right now, we strongly recommended that you register your domain name now, because there are no guarantees that it will still be available in a year, a month, a week , or even tomorrow.

Having your own domain name means that you need never change your email or web address and once registered the domain name belongs to you. The domain is yours for as long as you continue to pay the renewal fees and should another company want your domain name it is up to you whether you sell it or not.